A healing therapy based in the principles of Chinese Medicine.  It encourages self healing and balance. Many have used Acupuncutre to address bodily & emotional pain, asthma, insomnia, dysmenorrhea, chronic cough, digestive & bowel imbalances, erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety and much more. It is safe, relatively pain-free, with no side effects.
Initial Intake: $100
Follow Ups: $80
Follow Up 5Pack: $350
Light healing touch useful in  alleviating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress. Reiki helps calm the mind/body and assists with healing.  During a session, the  practitioner will connect to the reiki light and bring this energy to the receiver’s body through light touch. 
30 Min session: $60
60 Min Session: $90
Both are old techniques used to move stuck emotions, blood, tension, stress from the body. Cupping uses suction while gua sha uses gentle scrapping along the skin. At times, both methods are used together where gua sha is done first to reveal the area of stagnation and cups placed for no more than 10 mins. In general, cups are rarely retained for more than 10 mins. Gua sha is more involved and a session can last up to 30 min depending on area of work.